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What are boosts?

Boosting helps a chat get access to more features, hold more users, and other features available in the higher payment tiers.

The features available on all payment tiers can be viewed here.

You'll also receive access to a special rank shape (), as well as the ability to always connect to the chatroom, even if it's full.


How do I boost?

In the chat, you'll see the boost status like this:

Boosts status example

Click on this and you'll be taken to a page where you can boost the chat.

How do upgrades work?

Upgrading is really easy. Simply add more boosts, and click on "Update Boosts".

Since you're upgrading part way through the month, the charge for upgrading will be pro-rated so you aren't billed for unused time.

For example, if you paid for 4 Boosts ($20) on June 1st, and you upgrade to 10 Boosts ($50) on June 15th, you'd be charged $15. (($50 - $20) * 15/30)

Before the upgrade is confirmed, you'll be able to see the amount you'll be charged for the upgrade, and the increased subscription amount on your next billing date.

Once the upgrade is confirmed, the new amount of boosts will apply immediately.

How do downgrades work?

Downgrading is really easy. Simply remove boosts, and click on "Update Boosts".

Before the downgrade is confirmed, you'll see the new subscription amount you'll be charged on your next billing date.

When your boost subscription renews, the new amount of boosts will apply.

How is my payment information stored?

All payments are securely handled by Paddle. We do not have access to your payment details.

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How do I access premium features when someone boosts my chat?

Once someone boosts your chat to the next payment tier, you'll receive immediate access to paid features.

You can access these paid features in chat settings, or organization settings if you have an organization.

How many boosts are required for each payment tier?

  • Lite Plan: 2 boosts
  • Basic Plan: 4 boosts
  • Community Plan: 8 boosts
  • Pro Plan: 20 boosts
  • Business Plan: 100 boosts

How do boosts work if I'm already paying for a subscription?

Good news -- boosts stack alongside your subscription and will help you get to a higher tier!

For example, if you're paying for a subscription for the Basic plan, and you have 4 boosts, the following would apply:

You would get access to the Community plan in this case as you are already on the Basic plan, and 4 additional boosts would be required to get you to the Community plan.

What happens if I lose some or all boosts?

If users stop boosting, your chat will revert to a lower tier.

For example, if your chat has 8 boosts, you would have access to the Community plan.

If you lost 4 boosts, your chat would revert to the Basic plan.

If you lost all 8 boosts, your chat would revert to the Free plan.

Losing boosts can occur for a number of reasons, including payment failures due to credit cards expiring, users unsubscribing, etc.

If this happens, your chat will remain on the same plan for 3 days, giving time for additional users to add boosts to prevent downgrades.

You can also upgrade directly to ensure that nothing gets downgraded.

Your chat will remain on the same plan for 3 days, unless additional users boost or you pay for a subscription for the plan on your own.