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Filter Sensitivity

What should I use?

Generally, if you have specific words or phrases you should not encounter any false positives and you can use a high sensitivity. e.g. "help me" is more specific than "help" and would result in less false positives as it would only match users asking for help.

If your words or phrases are common, you may want to consider using low or medium.

How it works

Sensitivity can either be set to low, medium or high. See below for details on how each of these options work.


A low sensitivity means that the message must match the trigger exactly.

helphelp meLowNO

Note: The trigger is "help" (no spaces). In the last row, the message is "help " (help with a space after), so there is no match because the message does not exactly match.


A medium sensitivity means that it will result in a match if the message exactly matches the trigger, or if the message contains the word or phrase separately (i.e. not inside of another word).

helpi need helpMediumYES
helpi am helping this person.MediumNO


A high sensitivity means that it will result in a match if the trigger is contained anywhere within the message.

helpi need helpHighYES
helpi am helping this person.HighYES
helphel me.HighNO