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General Embed Guide

Embedding a Minnit Chat onto your website is really easy.

Embedding Options

Click on the menu icon in the chat, and click on "Embed" to get options for embedding your chat on an external website.

HTML Code (iframe)

You can embed your chat onto your website with just a few lines of code.

You can access the embed page by clicking on the menu icon in the chat, and then clicking on "Embed".

On the embed page for your chat, click on "Get HTML Code" to generate the HTML code.

Note: You must have direct access to edit HTML on the website to use this option.

Advanced options (iframe)

When embedding your chat using the iframe code, you have several advanced options.

You can set the height and choose dynamic or fixed width.

Use Dynamic if you plan on making your chatroom be the "centerpiece" of your website, as it will resize to fit any browser, and works best for mobile. This is recommended for most websites.

Use Fixed if you plan on making your chatroom always be the same size, regardless of the user's screen size or device. This is recommended if you're putting your chat in your sidebar.

Nickname parameter

If you have direct access to your website's code, you are able to pre-populate the user's Nickname by amending the iframe code's "nickname" variable. Simply add the desired nickname after the &nickname= portion of the code, and Minnit Chat will apply this nickname to the user if it's their first time using the chat.

This field is completely optional. If you leave it empty, users will be assigned a random nickname.

Alternatively, you may force users to set a nickname manually using the Force users to set a nickname before they can join setting.

Mobile/web version

You can choose whether the chat will automatically detect and use the appropriate version depending on the embed size, or force the desktop or mobile version to be used.


By default, the user's language will be automatically detected and applied as the chat language.

In some cases, you may want to force a specific language to be used. We have over 15 languages available. You can submit additional languages or corrections here.


You can choose to use the theme that's set in chat settings, or use the bright, grey, or dark, or even a transparent theme.

Using the transparent theme will disable the custom background.

A social media site or web service that does not support iframes (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Email)

In this case, you just need to copy the link for your chat and paste it.

A self-hosted blog

If you have Wordpress installed on your own server, you are able to get the Minnit Chat plugin. This plugin will make it easy to add the chat to your entire site, or to a single post or page.

Click here to get started with the Wordpress Plugin.

A website hosted by

If your website is hosted on Wix, you can follow our simple tutorial to get the chatroom added to your site.