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Branding is available on the Basic Plan or higher.

Branding allows you to upload a custom icon to your chat, and redirect to any URL of your choosing.

In the chat settings menu, and click on "Branding" to set a URL and icon.

Your icon will be displayed as 22x22, so we recommend you upload a 44x44 or 88x88 icon so it looks great on high DPI displays.

You can also change the following settings:

Show the default "You are using the chat as a guest" message to newcomers?#

This message helps encourage guests to register an account, so they can maintain their account data across devices. However, you can disable this message.

Show the Banner when users visit your chat page directly? (Recommended)#

Disabling this will hide the navigation bar when users visit the chat page directly.

Show the Footer when users visit your chat page directly?#

Disabling this will hide the footer when users visit the chat page directly.


Using Branding couldn't be easier -- your icon will appear right above the textbox, on both desktop & mobile versions of Minnit, for all of your visitors to see. If they click or tap the icon, it will open the linked URL in a new tab.


You may not upload graphic, sexual, or offensive images. Furthermore, you may not put any URLs that are harmful; this includes, but is not limited to, phishing URLs, viruses, gore, or other "shock" sites.