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This feature is supported on the Community plan and higher.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a very powerful feature that allows you to customize your chat in almost any way that you can think of.

Cool Examples#

Changing Texts#

To change the "Friends" text in the left sidebar to Buddies, put in this code:


This sets the existing "Friends" text to a font-size of 0px, meaning that it won't show up at all. Then, we use the ::before attribute to set the content to Buddies, and the font-size to 15 pixels -- the same size that the old #friendstext div ID was.

Making special commands#

You can make special commands by making use of the [data-firstword] property:


This will allow owners to say "Remember: Check out every hour!" and the message will appear at 45 pixels in height. No other ranks can do this, and all other owner messages are unaffected.

Default Photo Change#

By default, users without a photo get an icon of a person.

As Owner, you can customize this by uploading a custom photo that will be applied to all new users.