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Disable Functions

To disable functions on your chat, go to the chat settings page and click on "Disable Functions".

You are able to disable various functions for your chat, depending on your chat's payment plan.

Disabling functions is only supported on the Basic plan and higher.

Basic Plan Settings#

User Photos (Avatars)#

You can disable user photos (avatars) from displaying in the chat using this setting.


You can disable nicknames using this setting, so only a user's username will show.

Community Plan Settings#

Adding Friends#

You can disable user's from adding friends using this setting, and the friends list will be hidden.

"View Profile" Links#

You can disable the "View Profile" option from showing up when you click a user's name.

User List#

You can disable the user list from showing using this option.


You can disable @Usernames from showing up using this option, so only the user's nickname will show up.

Pro Plan Settings#

Ignoring Users#

You can disable user's from ignoring other users using this setting.

Minnit Default Emoji, such as (wink) or (dance)#

You can disable the Minnit Default Emoji using this setting.

This may be helpful if you have your own custom emoji that you want to replace our emoji with.

Links to Minnit Coins / Shop#

You can disable the links to the Minnit Coins and Shop using this option.

Links to Register / Login#

You can disable links to the account registration or login page using this option.

Some cases may still show a link to login or register regardless of this setting -- for instance, if any of your chat settings require a user to be logged in, an already-registered user changes their password on another device, etc.