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User Guide

Welcome to the Minnit User Guide.

This page provides information about the features Minnit has for you.

The Menu#

To start off Minnit has a menu on the homepage.

The menu is a quick way to get to different parts of the site.

The menu includes Support, Create a Chat, View Your Chats.


The support center allows you to create a ticket and check the status of a current ticket.

Tickets can be created if they relate to the following topics: General Questions, Sales Inquiries, Suggestions and Report a Problem. A representative will respond as soon as possible.


Subscriptions allow you to get extra features for your chat, as well as more simultaneous users.

You can view the available plans and features here.

You can manage your current subscriptions here.


The shop consists of three categories.

Emoji Packs where you can get additional emojis to make custom emojis.

Rank Shapes you can change your rank circle in the chat to a different shape.

User Upgrades, various upgrades for your profile & account.

Emoji Maker#

The emoji maker allows you to change the colors and add features to your default emoji. You can get more customization for your emojis from the shop.

Profile Settings#

You have various profile settings, at the top right of the menu.

You can view your profile, view account settings, create a new chat, buy coins, buy packs, manage subscriptions, change your password or log out of your account.