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Account Protection

Account Protection allows you to secure your account using your email address.

If enabled, a special link will be sent to your email address which must be clicked on before you can login. This means that, if an attacker somehow guessed your password, or if you were victim of phishing, they will need to also have access to your email to get in. As this is very unlikely, it can help keep your account, and chat, safer.

To enable it, head over to Account Settings and click "Enable Account Protection". You must have a verified email address associated with your account before this option is available.

Be careful: If you attempt to login from a different location, device, or internet service provider than your last login, you may cause the Protection to kick in. Always make sure you have access to your email before you enable this -- do not enable it if your email address is associated with your job, school, or a domain that may expire, or you may risk losing access to your account.

In the event that you do lose access to your email address, and you are unable to login, you can create a ticket under the "Report a problem" help topic and we'll do our best to assist you.