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Minnit Chat allows you to use emoji in the chat to better express yourself. Click the emoji icon in the chat to see a full list of available emoji, and click to insert them.

Want an even better emoji experience? Take the time to click the Edit icon in the emoji list and play with the Emoji Csustomization screen. Here, you can change your eye color, add hairdos, set your emoji color, and more.

We have a variety of extra assets for your emoji in the shop — we recommend checking the shop frequently to see what's new!

Changing emoji on the fly

Nearly all features of Emoji can be accomplished on the Emoji Customization page. However, you can also change them directly in your message by using the + symbol, followed by the asset name.

For instance, if you want to add the standard Hat to your emoji, do :wink+hat:. You can also stack assets in this manner, by typing out :shrug+lashes+ponytail: to get a shrugging emoji with eyelashes and a pony tail hairdo.

If you have the Custom Colors item from the shop, you can color assets this way as well, by doing something like :shrug+lashes+blue+ponytail+pink: for an emoji with eyelashes and blue eyes, as well as a pink ponytail. You can get very creative by adding more codes to your emoji — various handhelds, effects, head styles, and more, can be added on a per-chat message.

Custom Colors also lets you color items not normally customizable via the Emoji Customization tool, such as the pirate ship from the Pirate emoji:


Manage Boosts example


Manage Boosts example

Give it a try and see what you can come up with!