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Minnit Chat allows you to use emojis in the chat to further express yourself. The full list of emojis is available in any chat, by clicking the emoji icon above the text box.

If you're a registered user, emojis get even better.

Click on the gear icon at the top of the emoji box, and you'll be able to customize your emojis to your liking.

With many different options, including changing the skin tone, eye style, and even adding hats/hair styles, your emojis can be more unique than ever.

Emoji Markup

You can use emoji Markup to create emojis on the fly in the chat. This is an Advanced method if you want to quickly add features; usually, you can do just fine using the emoji Maker.

If you want to put a hat on your emoji, add +hat


You can also color headgears or accessories, by appending +color3 right after it. The emoji Maker will be your guide to indicate all of the color numbers. Example:


If you want to change its eyes, you can do that, too, using +dot for the dot eyes, +anime for the anime eyes, or +eyes for the default (oval) eyes. Examples:

(wink+eyes) (wink+dot) (wink+anime)

If you want to take off your headgear and accessories, you can add +none


If your emoji has glasses, and a hat, and you want to take off the glasses but keep the hat, you can use +none+hat like so:


If you want to restore your emoji to its default states (yellow color, default eyes, no accessories/headgear), use +default or +d -- this will make it look like a default, uncustomized emoji.


Things can get more advanced once you begin customizing everything at once. For instance:


This makes a winking emoji, that's a pale color, with anime eyes, colored black, with glasses, colored blue, and hair, colored red.