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Chat Archive

The chat archive allows you to view messages sent in main chat and between users (direct messages).

Options are also available to search by channel and date.

You can access the chat archive by clicking on the menu icon in the chat, and then clicking on "Message Archive".

Viewing main chat messages in the archive is available on the Basic plan and higher.

Example showing main chat messages in chat archive

Accessing Direct Messages

Direct Messages can be accessed via the chat archive for Organizations.

Direct messages across all users can be viewed, as well as direct messages between 2 specific users.

If you're looking for direct messages between two specific users and you know their usernames, you can input those usernames to find direct messages between those users.

To view recent direct messages for all users, click on "View Recent DMs".

This will pull up a list of recent direct messages.

You can click on "View Full Conversation" to view more direct messages between the sender and the recipient.

Example showing recent DMs in chat archive


Chats on the Pro plan or higher also support exporting messages as .csv file.

CSV is a common machine readable format and can be opened in Microsoft Excel.

Options are available to export the following types of information:

  • Timestamp
  • Nickname
  • Username
  • Message
  • IP address
  • Avatar URL
  • Attachment URL

The timestamp represents a UNIX timestamp.

Timestamps can be converted to your local time by using a website like

Converting all timestamps at once is also possible using the DATE function in Microsoft Excel.