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Enable notifications and never miss a message again.

Minnit supports different types of notifications that you can enable by clicking on your name in the chat, and clicking on "Manage Notifications", or on the account settings page.

New main chat messages

Receive a notification when a message is posted in main chat.

Note: This is supported on the Basic plan and higher only, and you must be a regular or higher on the chat you enable notifications for.

Chat Transcript and Media Reports

Receive a notification when a transcript or upload is reported on a chat.

Note: You must be a moderator or higher in the chat(s) you'd like to enable this on.

New direct messages

Receive a notification when you receive a new direct message.

New accounts pending approval

Receive a notification when an account is registered and is pending approval for organizations with this option enabled.

Note: You need to be either the organization creator or have the abilty to manage accounts in order to be able to enable this.