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Each chatroom has a rank hierarchy, and each rank can perform different actions. The person who created the chatroom is always an Owner.

Note: No one can Ban, Un-Ban, Kick, or Demote others of equal or greater rank.

Note: The Chat Owner may toggle these settings individually. The permissions listed here are simply the defaults.

Rank Hierarchy


Visitors are the lowest rank, and new users are visitors by default.

Visitors are those who visit your chatroom most often, and have the lowest permissions available. You are able to set the chatroom so visitors can't post links, upload files, or use GIFs, if you wish to keep them from flooding the chat.


Regulars are users who frequently visit a chatroom.

Regulars hold no moderation power over your chat. Instead, they're used to distinguish users who regularly come to your chat -- so, instead of just being a "visitor", they're a "regular"! Many chats give Regulars extra permissions, like access to markdown, GIFs, uploads, etc., that they don't want necessarily anyone to use.


Moderators are able to Ban, Un-Ban, Kick, Pause, and add/remove Regulars in your chatroom.

You should only give Moderator and higher roles to users whom you trust, since you don't want to come online and see a rogue Mod has banned everyone in your chat.


Managers have all of the power of Moderators, except they can also add/remove other Moderators. You can also configure your chat so Managers can ban longer than Moderators -- so, if you have a lot of Moderators, maybe set it so they can only ban for one hour, and a Manager has to get involved for longer ban times.

Managers should be given to outstanding Moderators who are ready for more authority over the chat.


Owners are the top rank. The entire Chat Settings menu is in their hands.

You are automatically an Owner when you make a chat, but you're able to appoint additional Owners, too. Only you can add/remove Owners, and only you can delete your chat, but the rest of the Chat Settings, menus, and functions are fair game to any and all Owners. Only give Owner rank to users whom you trust totally and fully.

Temporary Ranks

If your chat is on the Basic plan and higher, you can set a user's rank for a certain period of time. After their rank expires, they will become a visitor.