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It's easy for users to report issues by using chat transcripts.

How do I use Transcripts?

Click the Report option in the chat menu .

You will be presented with a link to your transcript, that only you can view.

Upon clicking "Share With Chat Staff", this will update the transcript, so anyone who's a moderator or higher will immediately be able to use the link. Until you click that, the link is only useful to you.

Note: The "Allow users to generate transcripts of chat messages & file reports to chat moderators?" option must be enabled in chat settings in order to use this option.

How do I file a report?

Upon clicking "Report", you are greeted with a form to file a report. Here, you can briefly describe what's going on in the transcript, and send it to the chat moderators/admins/owners. They can review it, and decide what action (if any) to take. Reminder: Reports are anonymous, but if you report a Direct Message, the chat will probably be able to know who reported.

If you notice somebody violating the Terms of Service, you should click "Report to Minnit Staff", and it will be reviewed by Minnit staff as soon as possible.

NOTE: If you learn a user is discussing causing immediate and possibly fatal harm to themselves or others, you should contact law enforcement officials right away, and report the transcript URL to us by opening a ticket.

Using the Reports dashboard

Chat moderators, admins, and owners can use the Reports Dashboard in the chat to view recently submitted reports. These include the comments, the time it was submitted, and a link to the transcript. If you have handled it, you should mark the "Resolved" button next to it, so others don't feel the need to view it. Note: Even Resolved reports remain in the queue.