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Users can upload images or other files using the Paperclip icon in the message box.

Messages will only be uploaded upon sending the message, so if you click the "X", no data from the removed file will ever be sent to our servers, or recorded.

If your chat is on the Free plan, only images can be uploaded.

All paid plans allow any file type to be uploaded.


Each chatroom has its own monthly limit for uploads.

  • Free & Lite tier has up to 100 MB/Month, 5 MB/file
  • Basic tier has up to 10 GB/month, 10 MB/file
  • Community tier has up to 50 GB/month, 50 MB/file
  • Pro tier has up to 500 GB/month, 100 MB/file
  • Business tier has up to 1 TB/month, 100 MB/file