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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Minnit?

Minnit is a lightweight fast chat client that just works. It is built on a strong framework that allows it to be used across almost all devices. No additional application needed for smartphone users to download. See below for what browsers are supported.

Minnit was built with strong moderation tools in mind. Chat owners are able to change max mod/admin ban time, what rank can send URLs, amongst other options.

Should I create a classic chat or an organization?

Organizations give you greater control than classic chats.

With organizations, you'll have the ability to manage all accounts within the organization, customize the look & feel of all pages, use Single Sign On (SSO), create multiple chats under the same organization and much more.

You can read more about organizations here.

How can I suggest new features?

You can submit suggestions directly to us here.

What browsers are supported?

We support all major browsers.

The following mobile OSs are supported: Android 4.1+, iOS 8.4+.

The following browsers are supported: Firefox, Chrome, IE 11+, Edge, Safari.

Older browsers may still provide limited functionality, however elements of the chat may appear broken or out of place.

If you notice any issues on browsers we support, please open a ticket and let us know.

What languages are supported?

Minnit currently offers complete or partial support for English, Spanish, Romanian, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Serbian, Thai, and Persian. If you'd like to help translate Minnit into your language, or submit translation corrections, please click here.

Can I remove all branding? (white label)

Yes -- this is fully supported on all paid plans when you create an organization.

See our pricing here.

How can I get more simultaneous users, numerous chats at discounted rates or other custom features?

Contact us here to speak with a sales representative, who will work with you and discuss a solution that perfectly fits your needs. Pricing may vary.

Getting started

How do I create an account?

To create an account, visit the registration page.

Is account registration required?

If you want to create a chat, account registration is required.

Account registration is not required for users to join your chat and send messages, however you can change the chat settings to require this if you wish.

Unregistered users are referred to as guests.

Guests also have certain restrictions.

Guests can't start a direct message conversation with users on other chats, use their friends list, or create chats.

Guest accounts also can't be used if you switch devices.

How do I create a chat?

First, you'll need to be registered. If you don't have an account you can create one here and follow the prompts to create your chatroom.

How do I find my chats?

Click here to find a list of your organizations and classic chats.

If you have an organization, you'll need to click on the organization and then click on the blue "View Chats" button to view your chats within the organization.

How can I rename my chat?

Go to your chat's settings by clicking on the blue Chat Settings mean above the chat, and click on Appearance.

Click on the Rename Chat button.

Please note that how often you can rename your chat is restricted depending on the plan you have.

How I do get users on my chat?

You can share the chat link on social media or embed the chat onto your website (see How do I embed my chat or find my chat URL?)

How do I embed my chat or find my chat URL?

In your chat, click on the blue "Embed Your Chat" button above the chat.

The embed page will provide several options for your chat, including:

  • HTML embed
  • WordPress plugin
  • embed
  • Sharing on social media

How can I customize my chat?

Minnit offers in depth customization for your chat, so you can make it look exactly the way you want.

Go to your chat's settings by clicking on the blue Chat Settings mean above the chat, and click on Appearance.

You'll be able to change a lot of customization options:

  • Chat background
  • Outer page background
  • Chat accent color
  • Chat page font color
  • Rank colors

If you're on the Community plan or higher, you're also able to use custom CSS to take your chat's customization to the next level.

See the Chat Settings documentation for a complete list of settings available.

How do I create accounts for my users?

If you have an organization, you can click on Manage Accounts in the navigation bar up top to create and modify existing accounts within the organization.

This requires the use of Single Sign On (SSO) which will allow your users to sign into the chat using their existing account details from your database/website.

This feature is available for Organizations on the Community plan or higher.

You can read more about how SSO works here.

How do I moderate my chat?

As the creator of a chat, you can establish its rules and ban users who refuse to follow them, or kick them if you wish to give a warning.

You can also promote trusted users to be moderators and managers, so they can moderate for you.

See the Chat Moderation page for more details.

How do I automatically set names for users?

You can automatically set nicknames for users by using the nickname parameter in the embed URL, or use Single Sign On (SSO)

Example embed code using the nickname parameter:

<iframe src="" style="border:none;width:90%;height:500px;" allowTransparency="true"></iframe>

With the above embed code, the user's nickname will automatically be set to John.

Nicknames passed via this parameter must be URL encoded, so if you want to add a space within the name it must be replaced with %20. For example to set the name "John Smith", you would use &nickname=John%20Smith.

Note: This only applies to users who have not used the chat before. Users who have used the chat previously will continue to retain their existing nickname.

How do I turn off the system message showing "You are using the chat as a Guest" and terms of service message that shows to new users?

If you're on the Basic plan and higher, you can turn this off via the branding option on the chat settings page.

How do I set the default language for my chat?

Languages are automatically detected based on system preferences. This is not a perfect method and sometimes the chat may still default to English.

If you are embedding your chat, you can specify the language as a parameter in the URL.

To do this, click on the menu icon within the chat, click on "Embed", select your chat, click on "Get HTML code" and change "Auto-Detect Language for User's Browser (Recommended)" to the language that you want.

You can now use the new embed code that is generated above when embedding your chat.

When the chat loads for new users who have not used the chat before, their language will automatically be set to the language you've selected.

How do I clear my chat's messages?

You can easily clear your chat's messages by clicking on the menu icon above the text box in the chat and selecting "Clear Messages".

You can also use the /clear command in the chat.

How can I get disable usernames such as @guest12345678?

This can be disabled on the Community plan and higher via the "Disable Functions" option on the chat settings page.

What do faded messages mean?

When you send a message, it appears to be faded (usually very briefly) until the server receives it. If messages you send continue to be faded, it means that your messages are not being received by the server.

This could happen because:

  • You have a spotty internet connection
  • We have server downtime (maintenance or we may be under heavy load)
  • You were disconnected from the chat

If you are having constant issues sending messages, please contact us.


How do I keep my Minnit account secure?

We suggest using a strong unique account password and enabling 2 factor authentication.

Alternatively, if you have a verified email under your account you can activate account protection.

You can enable either of these options on the account settings page (click on your menu icon in the chat, then select Account Settings)

How do I change my account's email?

Your email can be changed on the account settings page, which can be accessed by clicking your name and then "Account Settings."

How do I change my username?

Your account username can be changed on the account settings page, which can be accessed by clicking your name and then "Account Settings."

You may only change your username once per 14 days, unless you are only changing the case of the username.

The ability and frequency with which you can change your username may differ depending on the organization's settings.

Note that your nickname, which is displayed in chats, can be changed anytime by clicking on it, and is separate from your account username.

How do I change my avatar/profile picture?

Click on your name in a chat and click on "Change Photo" and you'll be able to upload an avatar.

The ability to change your avatar may differ depending on the organization's settings.

How do I add and find my friends?

To add a user as a friend, click on their name, then select "Add Friend" on the user dialogue. To view a list of your friends, click the plus sign (+) on the left side of any chat. Select an online friend from this list to send them a direct message, view which chat they're currently on, and more.

I forgot my password. How do I regain access to my account?

For Minnit accounts, click here to reset the password for your account. If you no longer have access to your account's email, you can open a ticket in the "Report a problem" help topic and ask for assistance.

I need 2 factor authentication turned off for my account.

If you've switched phones or otherwise cannot generate auth codes for your account, click here to contact us about this issue to get 2FA turned off for your account. Note: You will have to answer security questions to prove this is your account.

How do I customize my profile?

Click "View Profile" after clicking on your name in any chat. Then, click the pencil icon located below your name on your profile to customize it.


How can I keep my chatroom private?

You have several options to keep your room private, including:

How can I view IP addresses?

You can enable this feature in your chat's settings.

We have an in depth guide on using this feature here.

How do I delete my chat?

You can delete your chat by going to the chat settings page, and clicking on the "Delete Chat" option.