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Minnit Chat is a network of individually managed chatrooms.

User Safety

Minnit includes several features that make moderation easy.

You can kick users as a warning in the chat, and you can ban users.

Banning users automatically bans their IP address, so they won't be able to return on a different account unless their IP address changes.

You can view more about moderation here.

You can also enable "Allow users to generate transcripts of chat messages & file reports to chat moderators?" in chat settings to allow your users to report messages to you.

Some users may try to trick you by impersonating someone you know, or even a Minnit Staff member.

Here are a few things you should always keep in mind if things don't seem quite right:

Common Scams

"My Moderator or Administrator lost their rank!"

This is a common tactic used to trick chat owners into giving out ranks to unknown people. If a user comes into your chat and claims to be one of your Moderators or Administrators, use caution before returning their rank. The entire Ranks List can be found in the Chat Editor (by clicking the pencil icon in the chat), so use that to verify they aren't ranked anymore. If they aren't there, check your chatroom's Action Log to make sure nobody removed them while you were away. Administrators can remove Moderators, so there may have been a good reason.

Some crafty users will change their Minnit username to be similar to a Moderator's name. For instance, if your Moderator is named @Carlos123, they might be @Carl0s123.

Always use caution before "returning" ranks, to make sure you only give them to users you trust. Remember, ranks in your Minnit chat never expire or disappear without someone removing it.

"A Minnit Staff member detected a problem with my account, and needs to login to fix it!"

Minnit Staff will never ask you to let them login to your account. Any problems you may have with your account will be solvable on our end. This user is impersonating, and you should ban them and report them.

You should never share your password with anybody else, even if they claim to be a Minnit Staff member.

"A Minnit Staff member is demanding a rank in my chat!"

Minnit Staff do not need to be ranked in your chat. You are free to add/remove users as you see fit to ranks. This user is impersonating, and you should ban them immediately.

"Someone is demanding I give him a rank in my chat, or he will hack it!"

Minnit Chats cannot be "hacked", as long as you keep your password secure, and set up Two Factor Authentication on your account.

We recommend you ban them immediately, and report this to us.