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Account Settings

To access the organization account settings page, go to your organization's homepage and click on Organization Settings in the navigation bar and click on Account Settings.

On the account settings page, you'll be able to modify various account registration requirements.

Require users to provide an email address upon registration

By turning on this option, every user who registers will be required to input a valid email in order to create their account.

Require users to activate their account before registering

By turning on this option, every user who registers an account will receive an activation email to the email address provided when registering.

They must click on the link inside of the email to activate their account and login.

Require users to complete a CAPTCHA before they can register

By turning on this option, every user who wants to register an account will be required to complete a CAPTCHA first.

If you are having problems with spam accounts, this option will usually reduce the problem.

Require new registrations to be manually approved in the Manage Accounts menus before they can be used

By turning on this option, every user who registers an account will be unable to login unless you approve their account via Manage Accounts.

This is really helpful if you're experiencing issues with unwanted users joining your chats, or if you want to be careful with what users you allow to join.

This is also handy if you enforce only registered users being able to view/talk in your chat.

Cooldown time before users are allowed to change their username

This option allows you to control how frequently users can change their usernames.

We recommend keeping this set to a few days at least, as a user who frequently changes their username can often be confusing to other users.

Length of usernames

This option allows you to control the minimum and maximum length of usernames.

Long usernames can be hard to read in the chat, so we recommend 1-18 characters (the default).

Username Regex

Username regex is an advanced feature that allows you to use a regular expression to control what usernames are allowed via manual registrations.

Organizations on the Pro & Business tiers are able to use this feature.

Regex will be used to filter out unwanted content from usernames -- if the filter returns a different result, then the username will not be allowed.

For example, [^a-zA-Z0-9] will allow Username123 but disallow Username123!.