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Organizations FAQ

What is an Organization?

An organization is a group of chats that you have full control over, including the branding and accounts.

Organizations gives you the flexibility you need and allows a greater level of customization.

Organizations is a great choice whether you're looking to chat with your friends, using a chat for a live event, or looking to embed your chat onto your website to build a community.

Here are some of the main features of organizations:

  • Create multiple chats, all sharing the same features of the plan
  • Ability to create and edit accounts via Manage accounts across the organization
  • Single Sign On (SSO), including Sign in with Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter support
  • Custom Domain (CNAME) support
  • Control branding across all organization pages
  • White label
  • View direct messages between users

Note: Some features are only available on paid plans.

This greatly differs from classic chats:

With a classic chat, all accounts within the chat are controlled by us, so you won't be able to create, edit or delete accounts within your chat, or get full white label functionality.

If you purchase a paid plan for a classic chat, it will only apply to that chat, and each additional chat you create will require a separate paid plan.

By choosing an organization, the paid features of the plan applies to all chats within the organization.

If you want to create multiple organizations at discounted rates, or unlimited organizations please contact us.

How many chats can I create?

This depends on your plan.

  • Free = 1 chat
  • Lite = 1 chat
  • Basic = 10 chats
  • Community = 50 chats
  • Pro = Unlimited chats
  • Business = Unlimited chats

Additional chats can also be purchased for $1 USD per chat (price may vary in your local currency).

Click here for details on our available plans.

How many custom domains can I create?

This is only available on paid plans.

The Lite, Basic, Community, and Pro plans all include one custom domain.

The Business plan includes five custom domains.

Additional domains can be purchased for $5 USD per domain (price may vary in your local currency).

Click here for details on our available plans.

How can I delete my organization?

You can delete your organization by going to your organization settings page and clicking on the "Delete" option.

Note: You cannot have an active subscription if you wish to delete your organization.

You will need to turn off auto renewal for your subscription first before deleting it.

You can manage your subscriptions here.