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You can enter custom phrases to be clickable in the chat.

This can be helpful to add links to your website or social media.

Bad Words

You can add custom bad words to your chat.

Words will have to be moused over or tapped to be displayed.

If one of the words is already a link, it will not be censored so users can be sure it's a link before tapping.


By default, Minnit Chat has a "pop" sound when messages are sent.

On the Basic plan and higher, you are able to customize this sound, by uploading an MP3 file.

Here you can disable references to account registration and logging in.

Some cases may still show a link to login or register regardless of this setting -- for instance, if any of your chat settings require a user to be logged in, a user who already logged in changes their password on another device, etc.

This feature is available on the Pro plan and higher.

Here you can disable any references to purchasing Minnit Coins.

This feature is available on the Pro plan and higher.

Customize the Marketing opt-in when users register from this chat?

Set a custom marketing opt-in message for users who register an account from this chat.

This feature is available on the Business plan and higher.

Learn more about Collecting Marketing Consent