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To edit channel settings for your chat, go to the chat settings page and click Channels.

Automatic Channels

Keeping track of messages in a chat with lots of users sending messages at once can be difficult.

Automatic channels open up without any manual user intervention when the maximum amount of users per channel is reached.

This will help split your chat up into separate groups when there's a lot of users in the chat.

Custom Channels

Splitting your chat up into separate groups can be helpful to foster certain types of discussion.

Custom channels are available on the Basic plan or higher.

For example, you could have a separate channel for moderators only so they can discuss issues related to moderating the chat only.

Custom channels always remain open and are always visible.

The maximum channels per plan are as follows:

  • 2 channels on the Free plan
  • 2 channels on the Lite plan
  • 5 channels on the Basic plan
  • 15 channels on the Community plan
  • 100 channels on the Pro plan
  • 500 channels on the Business plan

You can set a custom channel name, a channel display name, and set who can join or send messages in the channel.

For example, it might be helpful to have a separate channel dedicated to announcements only, which everyone can join, but only moderators can send messages in.