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Public Messages

Maximum message length

This setting allows you to configure the maximum length of a message.

Options included are: 250, 500 or 1,000 characters (default).

Should users be allowed to delete their own messages (regardless of rank)?

By default, users are not allowed to delete their own messages as this can make moderation more difficult.

You can change this option here and allow your users to delete their own messages.

Who can use Markdown?

By default, everyone can use markdown to style their messages (italic, bold, strikethrough etc).

Here you can change which ranks can use markdown.

Who can send messages with new lines? (Shift+Enter)

By default, users with the rank of managers and higher can send messages with new lines.

This is restricted by default as users on lower ranks may send large spam messages if they are able to use new lines.

You still have the option to change this here if you'd like.

Who can send URLs?

By default, all users can send URLs.

To prevent abuse, you may want to restrict it to higher ranks.

Who can send polls?

By default, only owners can send polls.

Here, you can configure who can send polls.

Polls are available on the Business plan.

Should GIFs/Images users send display within the chat?

You can manage whether GIFs and images show up in the chat by default, and whether the GIF search option is shown.

GIFs are fun, but can be distracting.

If you're having serious discussions in your chat, you can turn this off.

Should websites and social media posts show a preview of the content?

A short description and image preview of links are shown when a link is posted in the chat by default.

You can disable this here.

What file types do you wish to allow users to upload?

What file types do you wish to allow users to upload?

You can manage what file types are allowed to be uploaded, and by what rank.

For example, you can allow only images, GIFs and videos to be posted.

Or, if you're using the chat to share documents, you can choose on a per rank basis and allow .docx .doc .xls .xlsx.

Owners will always be able to upload any file.

Maximum file size (in MB) that each rank may upload per file?

You can choose the maximum file size that each rank is allowed to upload per file.

For example, you might allow moderators to upload larger files since they can be trusted.

Owners always have the maximum allowed for your plan.

How should timestamps appear in chat messages?

By default, users are allowed to change how timestamps are displayed in their preferences.

You can change this here to the following options:

  • Allow users to change it via Chat Preferences
  • Always disable timestamps
  • Always show relative timestamps (1h for messages sent an hour ago)
  • Always show full timestamps, based off the users' browser settings

Enable Message Reactions?

Here you can configure whether message reactions are enabled, and which emoji can be used to react to messages.

You can enter an Emoji in each box below to allow it as a message reaction.

You can easily copy & paste emoji from

Message reactions are supported on the Lite plan and higher.

The amount of reactions depends on your plan:

  • Lite Plan - 1 reaction
  • Basic Plan - 2 reactions
  • Community Plan - 5 reactions
  • Pro Plan - 15 reactions
  • Business Plan - 50 reactions