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Chat Information

To edit chat information settings for your chat, go to the chat settings page and click Chat Information.

Chat Name

You can edit your chat name here -- please note that changing this will change your chat URL.

If you have your chatroom embedded on your website, you will need to update your embed code / plugin settings after re-naming, to match the new name.

Chat Description

Provide a general description about your chat so users know what the chat is about.

Your chat description shows up below your chat name when the chat is loaded directly.

This also helps it show up in search engines.


You can add a set of rules to your chat that users must agree to before they can join.

Note: The Minnit Terms of Service still applies to all chats, regardless of additional custom rules you apply to your chat.

Is your chatroom designed, or owned by, users between the age of 13-18?

To protect users, please select the relevant option here if your chat is designed or owned by users between the age of 13-18.

Please also keep in mind that users under the age of 13 are not allowed in your chat.