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Here you can configure all the settings related to guests.

Guests are users who have connected to the chat for the first time, but have not yet registered.

Guest accounts have no login credentials, and should be treated as "disposable" accounts.

Allow Guests to view and talk in your chat

By default, guests (un-registered users) can view and talk in your chat.

You can set it so that they can view only, or cannot view or talk.

Requiring registrations may help reduce troublesome users from joining your chat and sending offending messages.

How should nicknames for Guests be handled?

By default, guests automatically have a random friendly nickname.

Here you can configure how nicknames are treated for guests.

You can set it to:

  • Randomized Friendly Name (default)
  • Nicknames With Numbers (unique number at the end of their nickname)
  • Require Users to Set Their Own (users will be prompted to set a nickname before they can join the chat)

How should sounds for Guests be handled?

Here you can configure what actions which messages in the chat will play a sound for guests by default.

  • No Sound (Recommended)
  • Direct Messages / Mentions from Friends
  • Direct Messages / Mentions from Anybody
  • All Chat Messages (Not recommended)

Should "hide bad words" be enabled for Guests?

This option allows you to modify whether bad words are hidden by default for guests.

Show a message when Guests connect letting them know to Register for full functionality?

By default, guests will see a message letting them know that they can register for full functionality.

This is helpful to allow guests to maintain their chat preferences across multiple devices, but is entirely optional.

This can be disabled on the Basic plan and higher.

Change Guest Photo

By default, users without a photo get an icon of a person.

As Owner, you can customize this by uploading a custom photo that will be applied to all new users.

This can be disabled on the Community plan and higher.