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Moderation Chat Settings

To edit moderation settings for your chat, go to the chat settings page and click Moderation.

You can manage all of the moderation settings for your chat here.

Who can clear all messages?#

By clicking on the menu icon or typing /clear in the chat, you can clear the chat messages.

This option allows you to restrict access to this feature.

Who can delete or undelete individual messages, and view deleted messages?#

This option allows you to control who can modify whether a message is deleted, and view deleted messages.

By default, this is allowed for moderators and higher only.

Who can pause the chat (prevent new messages)?#

When a chat is paused, no new messages can be posted.

You can modify who is allowed to pause the chat using this option.

Who gets paused?#

You can modify who is unable to send messages when the chat is paused using this option.

For example, by setting it to "Regulars and lower", anyone who is a moderator or higher can send messages while the chat is paused, but no one else can.

How long can Mods ban for?#

You can modify how long moderators are able to ban for using this option.

How long can Managers ban for?#

You can modify how long managers are able to ban for using this option.

Generally speaking, you would allow managers to ban for a longer period of time than moderators since manager is a higher rank.

Minimum rank that can Kick?#

You can modufy the minimum rank that is able to kick users from the chat.

When a user is kicked, they will be unable to rejoin the chat for 15 seconds -- so it's very similar to bans, except it is very short.

How many days until IP Bans expire?#

When a user is banned, both their Minnit account and their IP address are banned from the chat for the same amount of time.

IP Bans automatically expire after a certain amount of time.

This helps prevent users who use the same public hotspot from being IP banned due to someone else's misbehavior.

You can configure how long IP Bans last using this option.

We recommend using the default option (1 week) as innocent users using a public hotspot can remain banned if IP bans last for a long time.

Allow users to generate transcripts of chat messages & file reports to chat moderators?#

Reporting is a great option to allow your users to report offending users to you.

If you have enough moderators on your chat, allowing users to file reports may not be necessary.

When a user is Kicked, how long until they can join again?#

This allows you to modify how long a user has to wait until they can rejoin the chat after being kicked.

Broadcast a message to all users when a user's rank is changed/a user gets banned or kicked?#

By default, all rank changes, bans and kicks are announced to all users in the chat via a system message.

You can disable this using this option.