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Add a radio to your chat!

This feature is helpful for online radio chat groups.

To edit the radio settings for your chat, go to the radio settings page and click General.

Getting started

Users will be able to click the speaker icon above the text box to stream while they chat.

Add the IP Address or direct URL for your radio to get started.

The feature is designed for radio DJs to embed their stream directly in to the chat.

Using any SHOUTcast or ICEcast stream, you will be able to integrate the radio into the chat.

You can also use any live radio station from iHeartRadio or TuneIn Radio.

Note: If you are entering an IP address, you may need to include /; after the IP for the radio to play. For example, should be entered as;

How can I get the IP address or direct URL for the radio?

This should be available with the radio provider that you're using.

You can tell whether or not you have the direct URL if going to it directly plays the radio stream only, and the default browser player controls are shown.

For example, visiting the direct URL of a radio would show the following in Google Chrome:

Direct Radio URL Example