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Security & Privacy

We offer many options to keep your chat secure and private to keep unwanted visitors out.

To edit security and privacy settings for your chat, go to the chat settings page and click Security & Privacy.

Present a CAPTCHA for users

You can control which ranks get shown a CAPTCHA before they can join.

By default, this is disabled.

If your chat is experiencing spam, this can help prevent unwanted content from being posted.

Allow users who join the chat to see messages that were sent before they connected?

This is enabled by default.

Please note that if this is disabled, messages can still be viewed from the chat archive as long as you meet the necessary rank (default is owner).

Who can view the Chat Archive of messages?

By default, owners can view the chat archive.

The chat archive is available on the Basic plan and higher.

Prevent any unranked users from joining your chat?

By enabling this option, only users ranked regular or higher will be able to join your chat.

You can manage the ranks of users on your chat via the Rank List option on the chat settings page.

Users will need to register an account before you can modify their rank in this list.

How many un-ranked users can join on same IP Address?

By default, many users are allowed to join on the same IP address.

This is due to shared hotspots, but you may want to lower this if you're seeing spam from users.

Password-protect your chat?

You can set a password for your chat that everyone is required to enter before they can join.

Block VPNs/Proxies?

If your chat is on the Community plan or higher, you can also block users using a known VPN or proxy IP address from connecting to your chat and sending messages.

On average, users using a VPN do not behave any differently to users who are not.

If you're seeing a lot of users on VPNs causing problems in your chat, you can turn this feature on.

This only blocks known VPNs/Proxies.

If a user is bypassing bans via a dynamic IP Address from their ISP, by using various public hotspots, encourages their friends/followers to "raid" your chat, or uses small VPNs/Proxy services that aren't known, this setting will not affect them.

If you find that this setting is not assisting your chat, you should disable it to prevent legitimate users from being unable to connect.

View more about IPs here

Whitelist Domains

This feature allows you to protect your chat from being embedded on websites that you haven't whitelisted.

This works by checking the referer header.

For example, if your website is and you only want it embedded on there, you can add

This will allow your chat to be embedded on only.

You can also add several domains by separating them with a comma, e.g.,

Allow users to access the chat directly

This is enabled by default.

This is recommended for most chatrooms; disable if you only want the chat accessible when embedded on the above domain(s).