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Staff Keys

Staff Keys are an easy way to allow your team to become moderators/managers before they sign in.

This feature is available on the Basic plan and higher.

For example, if your mod staff key is 123456, you would set your iframe code to point to and Minnit will handle the rest.

We recommend you use a password generator of your choice to create secure staff keys; since they will be restricted to the iframe HTML, they will not need to be remembered by a human.

Note that, given the nature of URLs, some symbols, such as ampersands (&), quotes, etc., may not properly parse when sent to our servers.

To test the staff key implementation, please use a private browsing session, or log out of your account -- if your account's rank in our database is higher than the staff key's rank, you will use the database's rank instead, so do not use your Owner account when using this feature.

Important: Only enable staff keys if your site has a proper backend that will securely handle all verification of the user's identity prior to transmitting the key to the frontend.

Do not determine staff key usage via client-side JavaScript, even if you plan to obfuscate it, as this will introduce a security risk -- essentially the equivalent of leaving a key under the mat in front of your home.